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Happy Halloween!!!! October 31, 2010

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Have a fun and safe Halloween! Make sure to give away more of the dangerous stuff then you actually eat!


Weekly update: Good for the weight loss, Bad for the thyroid October 30, 2010

I had a pretty good week this week weight wise. Hit the first 20 pounds lost mark. Unfortunately the thyroid decided it didn’t want to play nice this week. I have been feeling exhausted and down trodden this week. Life has also kept me insanely busy and I haven’t been able to weigh myself like I need to.  but over all I have lost around 4.4 pounds for the week. not bad at all.

How about you fine folks? How has your week gone?


Two Steps Forward One Step Back October 28, 2010

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Just when I felt like I was settling in to the routine of the new diet, I get a phone call from my Gastroenterologist’s office telling me that my nutritionist has just informed them that she is retiring as of November 1st! I would like to sit here and tell you that my reaction to this news was a wonderful example of a pure hearted Christian woman. I would like to tell you that, but then I would be lying.

No, sadly the only thing I can be grateful for was that I wasn’t able to answer the phone while I was on the job as the nanny. Because my instantaneous gut reaction was to scream out in such a way that would make any foul mouthed temper-tantrum throwing 2 year old proud.

I spent the day sulking and then decided to buck up and put my big girl panties on and handle this like the adult I am. Just because she decided to up and quit doesn’t mean I have to. I still have the plan she put me on, and I have a few contacts in the area to call. This is certainly fixable.

I have leapt over barriers larger than this; I can make it through this small hoop. It’s just another step in the process. My strong stubborn side has come out to play and I WILL when this battle. There is no more “if” I can lose the weight, just a matter of “WHEN”.

And for those of you out there fighting your own battles alongside me remember this: with God at your side and determination in your heart anything is possible. Don’t let these stupid road blocks get in your way.

*Update: In the days since I first wrote this post I have since been in contact with both my nutritionist as well as my doctor’s office. My doctor’s office is working on getting a new nutritionist in the practice and will be calling me when they get one. My nutritionist has informed me that she plans on keeping in touch through email. It looks like I may have slipped to the woe is me mentality a little too quickly. Hey…We all have our moments.


*Poll: Which Halloween treat is your biggest weakness?*

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20 Down! 50 More to Go!

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Well folks, I have reached my first goal a month and a half early.


This morning I stepped on the scale to do my daily weigh in not expecting much. Hormones have been crazy recently and I have suffered through a drug induced period (see my thoughts on that in an upcoming post) thus causing my weight to sky rocket and go crazy on me. Let’s not even think about all of the stupid cravings I have had lately!


Low and behold though, when I finally got up the courage to actually look at the screen I was more than shocked to see that I had not only reached the 20lb mark I had surpassed it by a whole pound! I almost wish I had a camera pointed at me while I found out. I did quiet the jig. I do hope I didn’t disturb my downstairs neighbors too much.


Now if I can only get into my favorite red top by Christmas time I will be one happy girl!


Hello world! October 27, 2010

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I am excited and proud to present my new blog to the world! I hope to bring more content to you soon!