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20 Down! 50 More to Go! October 28, 2010

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Well folks, I have reached my first goal a month and a half early.


This morning I stepped on the scale to do my daily weigh in not expecting much. Hormones have been crazy recently and I have suffered through a drug induced period (see my thoughts on that in an upcoming post) thus causing my weight to sky rocket and go crazy on me. Let’s not even think about all of the stupid cravings I have had lately!


Low and behold though, when I finally got up the courage to actually look at the screen I was more than shocked to see that I had not only reached the 20lb mark I had surpassed it by a whole pound! I almost wish I had a camera pointed at me while I found out. I did quiet the jig. I do hope I didn’t disturb my downstairs neighbors too much.


Now if I can only get into my favorite red top by Christmas time I will be one happy girl!


One Response to “20 Down! 50 More to Go!”

  1. Kendall Says:

    I hate drug induced periods. Stupidness. It looks, however, that while you say your weight loss skyrocketed, it actually plummeted granting you a whole pound over your 20lbs mark. It must be great encouragement to keep going when you’re seeing such amazing results!

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