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Weekly Update: Whew! I made it! November 5, 2010

So for a week that started out with Halloween and a car that has been falling apart on me, I have to say that I am quite proud of myself.  I started the weekend off last week having to throw all of my wonderful plans out the window so that we could deal with my stupid car.  It’s not easy to follow my diet when there is no food in the house and you are stuck on car lots all day long.  It is days like this that knowing what restaurants are friendlier to your diet come in handy.

What really surprised me this week though was my reaction to sugar. At lunch on Saturday I took a quick sip of my husband’s coke.  I haven’t had any coke since I started my diet back in August. One small sip and I found myself actually gagging on the over sweetness of the drink! Even the Halloween candy is turning too sweet for me. Me, the eternal chocoholic, found candy too sweet for my tastes! To be honest, I don’t know whether to feel sad or proud at that. I guess I feel a bit of both.

So now you ask the big question. How did I do this week weight wise with all the added stress and extra candy lying around?  The answer, not too shabby in my opinion!

  • This Week: Down 1.3 pounds!
  • Total loss over all: 21.9 pounds!

So my wonderful friends, how did your post Halloween weeks go? Any casualties along the way?