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Weekly Update: Where did my week go? November 12, 2010




Well folks, we have made it to another Friday. If you are like me then you are standing here scratching your head wondering where the heck the week went! My week has been interesting to say the least.

Last Saturday we got a wonderful wake-up call. It was the dealership we have been working with asking if we could make it down because he had finally gotten us an approval for a loan. So after dropping everything I had planned to get done (Sorry closet, I’ll get to you eventually.) we ran out the door and then proceeded to deal with car stuff all day long.  I have found myself surprisingly sad to let go of the beetle.  I knew it was coming and I really do love the new car, but in a way I felt I was officially selling away the last of my youth.

Health wise, I feel like I have been a bit on a roller coaster as far as my thyroid levels go. Did you know it is possible to be both hot and cold at the same time? Or how about this conundrum, your body is suffering from both diarrhea AND constipation AT the SAME time! I mean how does that work out?

Weight wise I found myself spiking up almost a pound at the beginning of the week.  I found a stock pile of jeans and skirts that are size 16s, and I got really excited. That is, until I tried them on. The frustrating thing is, I would have sworn I remembered the New York and Co jeans running slightly larger than the gap ones.  Apparently I was mistaken. Well, no worries. They should fit soon.

On the bright side, my favorite red top that I have been working to get into before the holidays is just a hair’s breath away from fitting! That alone has me so excited you cannot believe. I was devastated last year when I couldn’t wear it.

So what are the stats this week?

  • This Week: 0.2 pounds down.
  • Overall Weight Loss: 22.1 pounds down!

Considering that I had a spike earlier this week and that my thyroid couldn’t decide which direction it wanted to go in I am more than happy with the 0.2lb loss for the week. To be honest, when I stepped on the scale this morning I wasn’t expecting much at all.  I am just pleased that I was able to recover from the backslide so quickly.

How has your week been my wonderful readers?


2 Responses to “Weekly Update: Where did my week go?”

  1. Patricia Eales Says:

    I suffer from hypothyroidism as well, so I can empathize with you on the hot and cold at the same time. Crazy isn’t it?

    Pat yourself on the back though, because despite your rollercoaster week, the number on the scale went down! Woot!

    Looking forward to catching up on your posts, and reading the new ones!

    I’m also blogging about my weightloss journey. Hope you’ll drop in and see how I’m doing too.

    • Your right, the number went down and that is something to be excited about. I look forward to checking out your blog. Journey’s such as ours are always better done in large groups. Thank you for sending encouragement me way.

      Just where is your blog? You don’t seem to have a link to it anywhere.

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