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Weekly Update: I Got an Award! Oh yeah, and some kind of stomach bug! January 28, 2011


So my week has consisted of waves of nausea that come and go hampering much productivity.  I haven’t had a chance to weigh in this week due to said nausea but will try to give it a go tomorrow and post it a day late.  But for now, I have just been a little green around the gills and that has just really set me off my game.


I do however want to take a second and thank TheBettyLife for the wonderful acknowledgement and award.  I will try to get a list of blogs to pass the award on to in the coming days.  For now though, I will leave you guys with wishes for a good weekend and the hopes that by next week I will be a little less friendly with Ralf the porcelain king.


My dear readers, what is it that you eat when your stomach misbehaves like this? Anybody have some healthy options that are easy to eat for a picky stomach?


6 Responses to “Weekly Update: I Got an Award! Oh yeah, and some kind of stomach bug!”

  1. Aunt Merrilee Says:

    BRAT – no you are not a brat. Eat BRAT when you feel queezie. Banana, Rice, Applesauce and Toast. White toast with no fiber and white rice. These things are gentle and calming to your digestion. Also broth, and watered down gatorade.

    • I had to read that twice. At first glance I thought that you were calling me a brat. I might have to try some rice. That’s one I haven’t tried eating. White toast I might have to get a loaf. Does English muffins count?

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  3. The Hook Says:


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